Magic is Might Monthly

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Introducing Magic is Might Monthly, a monthly candle directly inspired by the chapters in the Harry Potter series. Name, scent and label image are pulled right from the chapter!

Our first candle of course is The Boy Who Lived! It smells like autumn leaves, woolen blanket and London fog. It’s warm and earthy with a hint of spice! And our first label doodle is by my babe Jane over at @bergenplacepress!


Here’s some info:

•”Magic is Might Monthly” will come in these beautiful frosted apothecary jars with a cork top and wooden wick.

•They will be available in 6 oz and 12 oz jars.

•These will go on sale Sunday, August 4th and will ship out the first week of September.

•12 oz jar: $24.50

•6 oz jar: $12.50