Song Sisters Christmas Cookie Bonanza Layered Candle

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Raise your hand if you're obsessed with all things Lara Jean! ME!

I watched the movie first and then I just HAD to read the series, which I totally did in 2.5 days. I noticed that Lara Jean bakes A LOT in the books and her love of yummy confections is especially heightened during the holidays when she bakes everyone's favorite cookie for the Song Sisters Annual Christmas Cookie Bonanza!

This layered candle has each sisters favorite cookie!

  • Snickerdoodles for Kitty
  • Cowgirl cookies for Lara Jean
  • Molasses cookies for Margot

This candle comes in a 16 oz jar and includes a recipe card for Lara Jean's snickerdoodles and a scrunchy! 

It's the perfect gift for your favorite LJ lover or yourself!